Amanda Medina, Marriage & Family Therapist

Nurturing Hope and Healing

Amanda Medina, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Counselor
8331 Sierra College Blvd.
Suite 222
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 474-0248
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I offer individual, couples, and family therapy sessions.  Sessions are conducted on a once-a-week basis.  I specialize with teens and their families, but greatly enjoy working with couples and clients of all ages. 

I love working with teenagers and their families!  Prior to private practice I worked as the primary therapist at a large, southern California high school.  The teenage years are a very unique time in life -- both for the parents and for the teen.  Teenagers are usually doing what they are supposed to be doing: figuring out who they are in this world.  But that can bring tumultuous times at home, adding pressure to your relationship with your children as well as your marriage and other relationships.  You don't need to tackle this confusing phase on your own.  And you don't want to gamble with your kids' lives on how to handle the many parenting challenges that will arise.  Save yourself some frustration and make sure you and your kids are staying on the right track for success.

I am a certified administrator of the well-known and respected Prepare-Enrich Assessment.  This is a wonderful tool for both pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment.  Research shows that the PREPARE scores from three months before marriage could predict with 80-90% accuracy which couples were separated and divorced from those that were happily married.  If you're considering marriage, is this information you can afford to miss out on?  For married couples, the ENRICH portion of the assessment is a great way to pinpoint areas of strength and areas for growth.  I will guide you through the process of taking action on this information toward a fulfilling marriage.  I can discuss with you whether this assessment tool will be be beneficial for your specific situation, and it is certainly not required.   

Getting Started
Contact me by phone or email for a free initial phone consultation.  It is important to find a therapist that is a good fit for your needs.  A consultation is a good opportunity for you to describe your reason for seeking therapy, to discuss scheduling and fees, and for you to ask any questions you may have.  If you prefer to skip this step and simply make email arrangements for your first session, that is also fine.

The First Few Sessions
I love first sessions.  I am always struck by the incredible worth and uniqueness of each of my clients.  It is very humbling to be invited into their world and experiences, often wrought with confusion and pain.  Once we have reviewed paperwork formalities, the floor is yours to fill me in on why you are seeking therapy.  I will also provide you with an intake questionnaire either prior to or at the first session to assist in gathering background information.  Usually the first few sessions are focused on gathering a thorough assessment so I am appropriately informed to assist you.  During the first two to four sessions we will establish your treatment goals and I will provide my initial recommendations. 

Length of Treatment
The length of treatment varies greatly depending on a variety of factors, such as the severity of symptoms, the nature of the treatment, and the client’s wishes.  If desired and appropriate for the treatment need, I can provide brief, solution-focused treatment typically lasting three to five months.  However, it is not uncommon for clients to seek more in-depth treatment lasting a year or longer.  We will discuss your wishes about length of treatment as we establish your treatment goals.

Don’t wait any longer – call or email today for a free initial phone consultation or to make an appointment!