Amanda Medina, Marriage & Family Therapist

Nurturing Hope and Healing

Amanda Medina, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Counselor
8331 Sierra College Blvd.
Suite 222
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 474-0248
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First Appointment Paperwork

To expedite the time spent on paperwork during the first appointment, please print and fill out the Informed Consent for Treatment and Intake Questionnaire below and bring them with you to your first appointment.  If you prefer, I will provide you with these documents during the first session, but we will save time if you complete them beforehand.  If you have any questions about either document or you are uncomfortable providing any information requested, please feel free to leave those sections blank and we can discuss them further at the first session.  (If you have trouble opening the documents, right-click on each link.  Then, click "Save Link As" and save the document to your desktop. You should be able to open each document from your desktop.)